Cloud technology is a rapidly growing market these days; the industry is predicted to be worth £6 billion by 2019. As a company who offer help with cloud computing in Oxford, we know that this is a reflection of how much cloud services have changed the face of the data storage industry over the past few years. As we are all well aware, our dependence on technology in all aspects of our daily lives shows no sign of slowing down, in fact, if anything, it is gaining momentum. So, being a cloud services company, we would recommend that you make sure you’re clued up about potential cloud security issues and their solutions, including how businesses of all sizes can better defend themselves against potential security breaches.


Any security issues that occur inexpensively and state-of-the-art systems that large companies have will impact smaller companies too. This means that it can be very difficult to pull together an exact figure of how much a security breach costs. After all, it is not only the lost data that needs to be compensated for, but also work needs to be done to ensure that your business doesn’t get a reputation for being insecure, as this could lose you business. Also, the impact of potential sanctions issued by regulatory boards needs to be addressed. These multi-layered outcomes and consequences of a security breach are the exact things that make cloud security so important.


Up to half of cloud service storage users quote data storage as being their biggest security concern, well ahead of finance and accounting. It is true that utilising the cloud could be a headache for those firms that do not have basic security procedures and processes in place to begin with. This is despite the fact that most cloud technology companies have very stringent security measures in place. It is virtually impossible to run a risk-free business today, but by following basic security measures and techniques, you can help to keep your documents and data safe.

User Maintenance:

As a cloud service company, we know that the majority of cloud security issues are caused by internal business breaches, such as failures to update passwords or accessing unsafe sites or malware. Therefore, all businesses who use cloud platforms should ensure that they thoroughly train all staff about internal security procedures. This is probably one of the most important steps a business can take to protect its data.


Using the right security tools, such as encryption applications, firewalls and virtual private networks (VPNs), are crucial to protecting your business’s data. However, a water-tight security system that uses all of these measures can still be sunk by poor user habits, which is why it is essential that all staff are properly trained on security procedures.


Despite the many data breaches that make the news on a daily basis, there are still many firms that are failing to implement even the most basic security procedures. Taking some time and investing some money into carrying out an assessment of potential risks to your business, addressing any potential issues, and introducing a comprehensive training programme are all important steps to take as soon as possible.

Keeping on top of cloud security can be a bit daunting for smaller companies that don’t have an in-house IT department. Consulting with a cloud services company, such as Agnito Cloud Computing Oxford, is a much less stressful way of dealing with these issues. You can contact us today.