It was only twenty years ago that I worked in an office that shared one computer between a department of 30 and the World Wide Web was still a mystery waiting to be discovered. Mobile phones were the weight of a small brick and the home computer of choice was a Commodore 64.  My family were early adopters of technology and so at this time we owned our very own PC, which took up most of the space in the kitchen. We would sit patiently, the whole family crowded around the PC, waiting for it to dial up and check for an email, delighted when ten minutes later one appeared!


Nowadays, Clouds, Servers, and Wi-Fi have become the norm and the advances in technology have been matched by the expectations of how it should work.  We are not prepared to put up with slow broadband, we want to be connected 100% of the time and we live in a time where we expect technology to work instantly and reliably.


Providing IT support home and small businesses IT support in areas such as Oxford, Gloucester and Cheltenham have now become our day-to-day bread and butter, reflecting the advances in technology and our expectations of it.  IT support has become the norm in small to medium size businesses today – outsourcing help desks and relying on companies such as ourselves to advise, procure and install have become essential as any other third party services, akin to accountants, marketing agencies and solicitors. It makes you wonder how companies succeeded in an economy which was booming and people relied on pen, paper and an internal mail trolley!


If you would like your home or business IT to be advanced into this century, maybe your I-pad doesn’t work in the loo? If you’re suffering from office computer rage driven by inferior IT solutions and support or if you would just like to know what the silver linings would be by having your very own cloud, then please call us and we’ll meet your expectations. We can make sure your technology is future-proof for the next twenty years.


Catherine Jenkinson