AV Support

If you’ve invested in AV equipment or a Sonos system and you  are having trouble getting them to work perfectly, we can help.

We offer an onsite service, and we can also assist you remotely over email or phone.

There are a number of problems that can occur when installing Sonos yourself. If you’re not particularly technically experienced, then you may struggle with setting up or upgrading Sonos hardware. You might just need a bit of help to get everything working smoothly, and that’s where we come in.

Occasionally things can go wrong with a wireless set up, especially in older properties with thicker walls, or buildings where other electronic equipment is used. Interference can be a common cause of Sonos WiFi issues. After years of experience, we’re especially adept at tracking down problems and finding solutions to every situation you might encounter with Sonos.

When you consider your original investment in hardware, plus the lifetime of enjoyment your employees or customers will get from a properly configured Sonos system, our service is competitive priced. And in most situations problems can be solved in under an hour or two. For further information contact us.