AV for the Home

Agnito can help you experience a whole range of emotions in your own home!

Whether your desire is a state-of-the-art home cinema room…or simply Sky HD or Freeview in every room of the house. Whether it’s jaw-dropping fun downstairs, or breathtaking horror upstairs. The biggest screen, a simple aerial…..or the latest plasma. Additional aerial sockets, a completely new suite of technology…or a partially new one that fits perfectly into your home and your budget. Your wish is our command.

At Agnito, we consult, understand, design, supply, install, maintain and update. In fact we do everything possible to simplify the very best audio visual entertainment technology.

All you have to do…is sit back and enjoy.

Your iPhone Music throughout your home

If you enjoy the convenience of listening to all your music on your iPhone on the move, how would you like that same experience in your home?

With the launch of the iPhone dock, Sonos has made enjoying your iPhone music in your home a whole lot easier.

Sonos already has a free app to allow control of the system from your iPhone, and with the dock you can now easily add your iPhone as a wireless music source whilst charging it at the same time!

Simply purchase a Sonos S5 and iPhone dock and start enjoying your music. What’s more, adding further ZonePlayers will allow you to listen to your iPhone tracks in other rooms.

Why buy from us?

You can buy Sonos equipment from approved high street and online retailers. What you don’t get from them, however, is the personal service and expertise that we provide when installing your Sonos system. There are many pitfalls when installing WiFi based home audio systems, particularly in larger or older UK properties. We’ll help you to get your Sonos system working properly saving you time and effort, not to mention a few grey hairs and wasted trips back to the retailer. We’ll also assess your music requirements, help you to get your PC and iPhone or iPad set up, and make the whole process as painless as possible.

For further information please contact us.