Sonos is a music system that allows you to play any song, in any room, at any time. Sonos works in zones, with each room being a different zone. Your teenager can play loud crashing music in the living room, your partner can listen to the radio in the kitchen and you can relax in the bedroom with Mendelssohn. Alternatively, why not group all zones together and have a party, playing the same music throughout the house?

The Sonos app means that you can control all the music in the home from your Smart phone, iPod, iPad or PC. Sonos will access all of your stored music and if your music is on CD, you can rip your CDs, save the music on your hard drive and Sonos will access it all!  As an added bonus, using Napster or Spotify, you can type in any song you can think of from any time of your life (or your Grandparents’ lives), and Sonos will find it and play it.

You literally have the world’s music at the touch of a screen. For further information please contact us.