How Sonos Works

Sonos uses a WiFi or Ethernet network to send music around your home from various sources to some or all of your rooms.

You don’t need to have an existing wireless network installed, Sonos has its own independent private secure wireless network. This ensures that other wireless traffic never spoils your entertainment.

Superior wireless

Sonos delivers the best wireless range of any multi-room music system with next-generation SonosNet™ mesh network technology. SonosNet:

  • Incorporates advanced MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) wireless technology so customers can stream music to the farthest corners of the house with perfect synchronicity
  • Avoids sources of wireless interference
  • Improves wireless performance and range as more ZonePlayers are added

Is Wifi harmful to your health?

In a nutshell you don’t have to worry about the effect of WiFi on your health. Other factors in life affect health to a much greater and proven degree, like diet & exercise!

The Health Protection Agency has said that WiFi devices are of very low power – much lower than mobile phones. In short, the Government says there is no risk. This is backed up by the World Health Organisation which is robust in its language, saying there are “no adverse health effects from low level, long-term exposure”.

There is an ongoing research project at the HPA into this area.

There’s some well researched information on the subject of WiFi and health at the BBC.

There was also a Panorama programme that investigated WiFi and Health in 2007 and although that programme detected high levels of WiFi radiation in a particular school, the readings were well beneath the Government’s safety limits – as much as 600 times below.

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