Wireless audio consultancy

Sonos installation for Home

Sonos installation from approved Sonos Installer Agnito

Agnate’s Sonos Installation Home Consultancy service will help you to select the appropriate Sonos products to complement your existing HiFi systems, to bring distributed audio to your home or business. A key part of our service is testing WiFi suitability. Many homes have WiFi dead zones and identifying these early can save a lot of time and aggravation. Once the dead zones have been identified we can find workaround solutions to bring audio to rooms which would otherwise be silent. Some new homes provide Cat5 cabling which is a great alternative to WiFi based Sonos solutions. If you’re in the build phase of your new home, we can help specify the correct cabling requirements for your Sonos Installation.

Sonos installation for Business

Businesses require music for different reasons.  Whether you want to create the right ambience for a showroom or provide employees with background music, we can assess your requiremnts and provide you with a Sonos system to suit you perfectly. Sonos is ideal for offices as you are able to control which zones play music and when. For showrooms, music can continue seemlessly throughout the room.

Clients we serve

As an approved Sonos installer with a wealth of experience, we deliver wireless music audio solutions for almost any environment. We work with businesses and private home owners, installing Sonos to meet their individual requirements. Whether you have a 10-bedroom Georgian manor house, a 3-bed semi, a holiday cottage, a multi-level office or a hotel, we will meet with you and discuss the best solution to enable you to enjoy Sonos wherever and whenever you want.

Sonos Emergency Help & Support

If you’ve invested in Sonos ZonePlayers and Controllers, but you’re having trouble getting them all working perfectly, we can help.

There are a number of problems that can occur when installing Sonos yourself. If you’re not particularly technical experienced, then you may be struggling with setting up or upgrading Sonos hardware. You might just need a bit of help to get it all working smoothly, and that’s where we come in.

For instance, occasionally things can go wrong with wireless set ups, especially in older homes with thicker walls or homes where other electronic equipment is used. Interference can be a common cause of Sonos WiFi issues. After years of expereince, we’re adept at tracking down the problems and finding solutions to every difficulty you might encounter.

When you consider your original investment in hardware, and the lifetime of enjoyment you will get from a properly configured Sonos system, our service is not expensive. And in most situations problems can be solved in under an hour or two.

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