Take Control of your Entertainment

If you spend a lot of time watching television or listening to music — you’ll see a huge impact in the viewing and listening experience once you throw Control4 automation into the mix.

Universal Remote

By injecting Control4 automation into a home cinema installation, you will simplify everything, giving you the power to wrangle all of the audio and video sources with the press of a single Control4 remote button. Agnito can configure everything so your controller “knows” how it’s all connected, allowing the system to manage all of the inputs and outputs. The only thing you have to do is bring the popcorn.

Superior Power

If you have even more complex needs, such as sending multiple video streams to several rooms in the house, allowing you to send a single satellite tuner or media player to every room. Your Control4 system has the power and intelligence to handle just about anything you throw at it, thanks to the superior power and interoperability of Control4 home automation. If you can dream it, Agnito can build it and you can enjoy it.

Music For All Your Moods

Your music can tie into the lighting moods (or “scenes”) and scheduled events that happen as a result of your home automation programming. Maybe you like to wake up gently to a certain playlist, with both the music volume and lighting gradually increasing over a span of several minutes. Perhaps you like to hear the day’s news headlines as you walk through the door every evening. Or maybe you like to put the baby to sleep as the music gradually fades to silence. It’s difficult to overstate the impact that total audio control can have on your lifestyle.  What’s more, it’s compatible with our Sonos wireless music systems too.

The bottom line is that with Control4, you’ll enjoy a listening experience that transcends devices, sources, locations and playlists.