My internet connection is poor, is there anything you can do to help?

We meet lots of new clients who are experiencing poor internet connections and we understand how frustrating this can be. Sometimes by asking relatively simple questions, we can work to improve your connection. Often, poor connectivity in period property is due to rural location, poor cabling, or thick walls.  We have lots of experience working with all of these.

My mobile phone reception at home is useless! Can you help me?

Nowadays, many of our clients use their mobiles for calls more than their land lines. Depending on which network you are with, we are able to provide signal boosters which use your internet connection to provide full 3G signals in and around the home.

If I buy hardware from Agnito, can you provide an extended warranty?

We always try to find the best of breed technology and one of most important criteria for us is product reliability. Depending on the age of the equipment (whether it was purchased from us or not), we are able to provide hardware cover which will provide you with peace of mind.

Can Agnito provide remote support?

Agnito is able to provide remote support for all of our clients. Depending on the issues being experienced, we have a number of tools that we can use in order to provide remote support.

My files are really important to me and I fear losing them. Can Agnito provide reliable back-up?

Agnito provides scalable backup solutions for clients, from large corporate networks to individuals running their own businesses. Seamless, online and always available solutions to fit a fast-paced life.

Spam drives me mad. How can I stop this?

We provide a number of great solutions for filtering all known spam. These use dynamic technologies to make sure you receive get anything unknown. The solutions can be for clients with hosted email or onsite email systems, all deployed without disruption to your users or clients.

Can you recommend good anti-virus?

We will always review our client’s complete requirements and, as part of this review, we identify the most suitable coverage taking into consideration where they need the most protection as well as potential threats. All our anti-virus solutions are scalable and affordable whether you are a single user or a multi-site organisation.

I despise dealing with my phone provider and being kept on hold for hours. Can Agnito deal with this for me?

Agnito has 20 years’ worth of experience dealing with telecom providers. We take great pride in being able to deal with issues that would cause our clients hours of frustration. By looking after our clients’ telephone lines and services we are also able to co-ordinate OpenReach engineers to identify problems far quicker, therefore reducing any disruptions to you.

Do I need to sign up to a contract with Agnito or can you just help me as and when I need it?

We can provide contracts or ad hoc support depending on your needs. Agnito provides Network Support Agreements for clients looking for peace of mind with their IT and Telephone systems. For a lot of our clients we are an extended department of their own company, utilising many of our resources and our experience, to help them overcome technical challenges faced by their own staff. We also pride ourselves in providing support for our individual and private clients, offering them support when and where they need it.

I love music and want to be able to listen to it easily. I own speakers and an amplifier but have never managed to get them to work properly. I don’t want to have to go out and buy a whole new system. Can I utilise these?

For the last 6 years, Agnito has been providing clients with multi-room music systems. Sometimes this starts at an early stage as part of a new build, fitting cabling and a whole new system. Other times, it means supplying and installing Sonos as a brand new system. Many of our clients have quality speakers or an amplifier and quite understandably want to use them. In this case, we can utilise your equipment as part of your new system. In all cases, we will meet with you and discuss your individual requirements.