IT Audit


We will come into your business and assess evaluate and advise on your current systems, ensuring connectivity and advising on your systems. We can fix your immediate needs and give you an impartial opinion on how your IT systems could be improved.


In order to be able to best advise your business on the best way you can use technology, we require a deep understanding of your existing business and your future objectives. Therefore, our assessments don’t just look at the technology you already use, but we also take the time to understand your people, your processes, and your aspirations. Unlike other IT Support companies we work hard at building up a complete picture of your business in order to provide a more holistic IT strategy for you.


Once the audit has been completed and shared, we will look at creating a solution to any issues that have been identified as part of the audit, and any improvements to the business that you identified as part of this process as well. We will consolidate our advice on your hardware, network, security, software, and storage, and send it over to you for your perusal.


You then have the time to evaluate our advice and see what weaknesses we have identified and ask us any questions you have about the solutions we have proposed in order to improve the key areas of your business.


As a cloud computing Oxford company, the solutions we will offer will cover a wide variety of areas such as mobility, network and device security, data center and visualization, cloud computing, communication and collaboration, employee productivity, networking, software management, and printing. We will liaise with all the vendors and engineers to ensure that all applications and different systems work to their best advantage for you.

If you would like to arrange an IT Audit for your company,  please call 01865 524524 or alternatively complete your details on our contact us form.