Cloud Services

Cloud Services have transformed the way in which businesses are now storing, managing and backing up their files. Agnito is experienced in advising and developing cloud services for small to medium size businesses. Moving towards this service allows your employees to access their files and data from anywhere – they have a virtual desk top.

Most websites and server-based applications run on particular computers or servers. What differentiates these from a cloud service is that cloud  utilises the resources from the computers as a collective virtual computer, where the applications can run independently from particular computer or server configurations. They are basically floating around in a “cloud of resources”, making the hardware less important to how the applications work.

With broadband , the need to have the software run on your computer or on a company’s site is becoming less essential. Much of the software used nowadays is completely web-based. The cloud takes advantage of that to bring it to the next level.

Agnito offers a Workplace Professional Package  and a comprehensive On-line back up service. If you would like further information please contact us to discuss your specific needs


To understand how cloud computing works, imagine that the cloud consists of layers — mostly the back-end layers and the front-end or user-end layers. The front-end layers are the ones you see and interact with. When you access your email on Gmail for example, you are using software running on the front-end of a cloud. The same is true when you access your Facebook account. The back-end consists of the hardware and the software architecture that fuels the interface you see on the front-end.

Because the computers are set up to work together, the applications can take advantage of all that computing power as if they were running on one particular machine. Cloud computing also allows for a lot of flexibility. Depending on the demand, you can increase how much of the cloud resources you use without the need for assigning specific hardware for the job. Or, you can just reduce the amount of resources assigned to you when they are not necessary.

Will it change the way we use computers?

The transition from being very ‘personal hardware dependent’ to a world where resources are shared among the masses is creeping up on us slowly and unobtrusively. Very many people have already transitioned to using a cloud environment for most of their time in front of the computer without even realizing it.

Of course, most of us still use a version of Microsoft Office that was installed on our computers, but even those kinds  are now offering an online version that can be used instead. The possibility of being able to access your data and software wherever you need it makes this transition very appealing to most people.

The wave of the future is in the clouds! For further information please contact us.