There are many advantages to working from home, but there are also some disadvantages. One such disadvantage may be that you do not have an appropriate telephony, IT or security system in place at home, and this is where Agnito come in!

We know that there are many things to consider when buying these systems, such as optimizing efficiency and assessing costs, but with our help and advice, we can find the best and easiest solution for your business needs.

We know that deciding on the right technological systems for your business can seem like a complex and daunting task, so it’s our aim to relieve you of this stress and get a great system in place for you as soon as possible. As part of our service we:


  • Assess your business and technology requirements
  • Develop a detailed understanding of your existing IT infrastructure
  • Identify ways in which we can improve your current systems
  • Reduce IT associated costs
  • Source your hardware and software
  • Offer you on-going IT support & maintenance services

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