As one of the leading cloud computing support companies in Oxford, Agnito is well aware that cloud security continues to be a worrying issue for many IT professionals. A recent survey completed by Netwrix, found that over two-thirds of IT professionals felt that security and privacy of data where their chief concern when it came to moving over to the cloud. Given these worries, Agnito IT Support Oxford obviously want to reassure clients that their cloud security posture is strong. So, here are some of the things we take into account:


Having worked in IT support for many years, we know that strong passwords and encryption go a long way towards protecting even the most sensitive of data. There have been lots of cases in the news recently of high-profile companies being targeted by hackers, and so encryption is now a fundamental part of all of our overall data security strategies. The end of the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement now means we can also use encryption as part of our data privacy mechanisms as well.

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plans

Although more and more companies are moving their data to the cloud, many of them are still backing up this data in their own data centres as an insurance policy. After all, if the cloud goes down they still want to ensure that their business runs as normal. However, hackers are getting wise to this and businesses are starting to feel a little on edge about data breaches and cyber-attacks. With this in mind, Agnito IT Support Oxford can work with you to put a cloud disaster recovery plan in place, giving you peace of mind.


As a cloud computing company in Oxford, we have seen more and more traditional security vendors partnering with network companies and cloud providers, enabling them all to offer a more cohesive cloud security strategy. In this day and age, it is naive for businesses just to rely on a traditional firewall to keep their data safe, and they will need to look for companies with more security expertise to help them to create a more comprehensive security solution at an application level.

Device to Cloud Protection

With the advancement of technology and the internet moving so quickly today, our working lives frequently involve us handling data on desktops, laptops, tablets and even mobile phones – meaning that a piecemeal approach to security is just not going to work. This is where a device to cloud (or ‘chip to cloud’) protection strategy comes into its own, as it will make sure all devices that have online capabilities are secured as soon as they go online.

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