If you would like to use your existing speakers whilst wirelessly streaming and amplifying your favourite music all over your house, the Sonos Connect Amp is for you. The Connect Amp is amplified, wireless, compact, and convenient. With a state-of-the-art digital amplifier, the Connect Amp works anywhere you’ve ever dreamed of having music — the bedroom, the bathroom or even the back garden. You can fill your house with Connect Amps or mix and match with the non-amplified Connect or the Play3 or Play5 for the ultimate in multi-room music.

Just plug the Connect Amp in, connect your choice of speakers and you’ve got a room filled with music. And with the Connect Amp’s expansive wireless range, you can play all your favourite songs and stations, all over the house. The design of the Connect Amp is both compact and cool so you can hide it away or leave it out for all to see.

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Price: £399.00


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