These days many of us rely heavily on digital devices to make our lives at home easier. Many of these digital devices have their own controllers and apps – which can make life a little difficult when you can’t remember what controls what! This is where a home automation hub comes in, as it is a one-stop solution for unifying all of your gadgets, from lighting, security, music and video, allowing you to control them all from one simple app. But, not all hubs are created equal, which is why, as a Sonos Installation Company (with C4 Advanced Installation certification), we are thrilled to be able to offer Control 4’s new EA Line of entertainment and automation controllers.

So, why are we getting all excited about this new range of automation controllers? Isn’t it just a case of picking the controller whose number of in and out connections most closely match the task you are working on? Well possibly, but as an AV Installation Company, we think one of the best things about Control 4s new EA line is that it is positioned to be entry-level and mid-priced, allowing more people access to this amazing technology. There are three new controllers in the range – the EA-1, EA-3 and EA-5 – the numbers correspond to the number of independent audio zones that the controller is capable of simultaneously outputting.

The entry level EA-1 controller, for example, is designed specifically for single room use, or for expanding a larger existing Control-4 system into additional rooms. Designed primarily to deliver an exceptional family entertainment experience, it can orchestrate a wide range of entertainment devices including TV, Satellite or Cable Systems, Blu-Ray Player, Games Consoles, and so on. It also comes with IP control for Apple TV, Roku, AVRs and other network connected devices, as well as secure wireless ZigBee controls for lights, thermostats, smart locks and more.

One home controller that the Control Four EA line works well with is the Heatmiser. These slim and stylish temperature control units are designed to integrate seamlessly into your home, providing you with a stylish yet reliable thermostat. Manufactured to be the same size as a standard light switch, it aims to efficiently keep you at the right level of comfort, without you even noticing it is there! The Control 4 EA automation controllers also allow you to have smart lighting in your home of office as well. The smart lighting system is not only wireless, but has motion sensors as well so that your lights will automatically go off if no-one is in the room – saving you a fortune on energy costs! You can also connect any exterior lights you have, to this system as well, emphasising any water feature you may have in your back garden or providing atmospheric lighting for your BBQ.

The whole system is aimed at convenience, beauty and peace of mind. For more information on Sonos, Contol4’s new controllers or anything else connected to our AV Installation Company services, please call us on 01865 524524 or drop us an email at